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You can access information concerning the biography of Professor Utz in the first part of the lexicographical article 'Utz, Arthur' by Wolfgang Hariolf Spindler. It was published in the 'Thomistenlexikon' - 'Lexicon of Thomists' - published by nova & vetera, Bonn, and edited by David Berger and Jörgen Vijgen on behalf of the Berlin-based 'Deutsche Thomas-Gesellschaft' - 'German Thomas-Society' in 2006. This article was also published as a reprint by the same publishing house in 2007. It is accessible here as a download.

Please find more detailed information on Utz's background (up to 1950) in the biography accessible here as a scan. Applying for Swiss citizenship, Utz turned in that very same curriculum vitae to Swiss authorities on February 14th, 1950.

Franz von Streng, the former bishop of Basle and Lugano, wrote a letter of recommendation on Utz's behalf on the same date. You can have a look at it here.

Please also read this contribution on Professor Utz's hundredth birthday (April 15th, 2008).

The contribution 'Arthur F. Utz (1908-2001)' by Wolfgang Ockenfels, published in 'Zeitgeschichte in Lebensbildern. Aus dem deutschen Katholizismuss des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts' - 'A Contemporary History in Biographical Sketches. About German Catholicism of the 19th and 20th Century', volume 12, published by Aschendorff, Munster, in 2007, 143-154 (edited by J. Aretz u2013 R. Morsey u2013 A. Rauscher) puts Professor Utz's biography into the context of the religious and political history of the Federal Republic of Germany during its early years.

The same author also published an obituary on Utz in Italian: 'A Servizio del Bene Comune. Per la Morte di Arthur F. Utz OP' in: Oikonomia (Rivista di Etica e Scienze Sociali) 4,1 (2002), 2-3.

The essay 'Zur sozialethischen Relevanz naturrechtlicher Begründung der Menschenrechte' written by Peter Paul Müller-Schmid in 'Sein und Sollen des Menschen. Zum göttlich-freien Konzept vom Menschen' published by Aschendorff Verlag, Munster, in 2009, p. 173-206, edited by Christoph Böttigheimer/ Norbert Fischer/ Manfred Gerwing constitutes a sound introduction into the scientific reasoning of A. F. Utz in what concerns the philosophy of natural law and its dispute with post-modern currents of contemporary philosophy. This essay contains the following dedication (p. 173): 'In memory of Prof. Dr. Arthur F. Utz (April 15th, 1908 u2013 October 18th, 2001), my teacher in Fribourg, a social ethicist and interpreter of Catholic moral teaching.'

With his brother August ('Gusti') and his sister Elisabeth ('Liseli')

As a graduate from high school

With his parents

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