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The Foundation

About its History

The 'Professor Dr. A. F. Utz Foundation' was inaugurated by Brigitta Countess of Galen on August 24th, 1976. Next to the president, the members of the foundation's first council were the Fribourg-based professor of moral theology (1949-1975), Dr. Josef Groner ( 1997), , as well as Utz's former assistent, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ockenfels. From its very beginning onwards, the foundation has always been based in Fribourg, Switzerland, at whose university, over decades, Utz taught as a professor of ethics and social philosophy. Owing to illness, the Countess of Galen finally gave up office as the foundation's president in 2005. However, she remained its honorary president until she deceased in January 2008.

About its Objectives

The foundation publishes and republishes the scientific works of Professor Utz not only in German, but in Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese as well. It does not have a lucrative purpose but solely aims at advancing a deeper understanding of Utz's writings. It also has the objective of publishing and enlarging on his manuscripts without having economic interests at stake. At the same time, the foundation also intends to support studies and publications by German speaking Dominicans or students of Professor Utz which may serve to promulgate his Catholic social teachings. Furthermore, the foundation supports the Rome-based Papal Academy of Social Sciences founded through Professor Utz's personal initiative.

The Foundation's Council

The foundation's most important organ is its council. In 2012, it consisted of the following members:

  • Wolfgang Hariolf Spindler OP, Präsident
  • Wolfgang Ockenfels OP
  • Niklaus Schmid-Heimes
  • Hubert Foerster
  • Peter Paul Müller-Schmid
  • Peter Hoeres


In order to continue with its activities, the foundation depends on ideal and financial support. The foundation council's members and their supporters serve in an honorary capacity. Please do support our work in any way you can.

Prof. Dr. A. F. Utz Foundation
c/o Multifiduciaire -Fribourg SA
Rue Faucigny 5
Case postale 240, CH-1705 Fribourg

Banque Cantonale de Fribourg
Boulevard de Pérolles 1
CH-1701 Fribourg
Account no. 25 01 046.146-00
IBAN: CH87 0076 8250 1046 1460 0
BIC/Swift-Code: BEFRCH22


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